Mouse Zeroground MS-1800G HORIO

HORIO MS-1800G is a powerful , advanced , professional gaming mouse with AVAGO A3050 optical sencor . Sensor is capable of dpi range of 500 to 4000.Mouse is equiped with OMRON Switch , which gives you rapid and instictive control.With 5 different profile you can costumize your gaming preference .Easy and intuitive HORIO MS-1800G will give you a new point of view. 6 led color


sensor:             optical
resolution:       500-4000 dpi
buttons :           7
internal memory: 128kb
macros:           40
profiles:            5
polling rate :    125-250-500-1000hz
cable length :  180cm
interface :         usb
dimensions :   127.7x81.2x42
weight:              150gr
os :                     windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10

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